Shipyard Operations

Marco Polo Shipyard is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marco Polo Marine Group. Spread across 34-hectares of land, the shipyard is well-equipped to carry out ship building, ship repairs and conversions, as well as oil and gas fabrications.

Our Shipyard
Ship building, Repair and Conversions

Our Shipyard

Strategically located in Batam, Indonesia (45 minutes from Singapore by ferry), our shipyard occupies a total land area of more than 34-hectares of land area, as well as a waterfront of approximately 650m, which is situated at the South of Batam Island, Batu Aji. The shipyard is well sheltered and has a depth of up to 6m at zero tide.

Our Facilities

Equipped with (3) three units of Graving Docks (up to 45m width x 240m length), (1) one unit Slipway of 40m width x 170m length for new ship constructions, 20 hectares of building berth, sheltered workshops, modern equipment and a strong team of highly motivated and committed work force, the Shipyard carries out Ship Building, Ship Conversion, Dry-docking and Repair Works for vessels up to 60,000 DWT. The Shipyard also carries out Offshore Fabrication & Installation Works.

PT. Marcopolo shipyard in an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 30000 & OHSAS 18001 certified shipyard.

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Shipbuilding, Repair and Conversions

Since its inception in 2005, our shipyard has carried our various ship building, repairs and conversions works. Till date, we have delivered at least 100 tugs & barges and AHTS. In the shipyard pipeline in the next few years include more building orders of tugs and barges and several offshore vessels.

New Building Division

We are a builder of a wide spectrum of highly specialized ships for global customers with in-depth knowledge in Ship Design function, Engineering and Technology relevant. We integrate and execute key functions, such as engineering, procurement and operations. We provide optimize operations through central function, harness synergies to offer more competitive solutions.

Ship Repairs and Ship Conversion Division

We are a trusted industry name for New Building and Ship Repair, Conversion and Upgrade for a diverse range of ships. As one of the leading Ship Builders and Ship Repairer in Batam, Indonesia; we have extensive resources to undertake a wide variety of complex projects.

Dry Docking

With personalised service, consistent quality and reliability, more than 80% of our clients are repeated customers. For every project, each dedicated team works closely with the Customer, be it straight forward “cut-and-shave” jobs or life extensions, major steel renewals, complex re-engineering work or ship conversion.

With more than 1000 repair projects completed over the last 10 years, our teams of experts have extensive experience and a proven track record of completing projects on time and within budget. Our modern facilities and equipment ensure comprehensive support at all times.

Three Graving Docks

Dock 1 : 240 m length x 40 m width

Dock 2 : 175 m length x 40 m width

Dock 3 : 220 m length x 45 m width

Repair Berth

Up to 650 m repair berth with water depth of 6 m at “0” tide.

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For large projects you can rely on a dedicated Repair & Conversion team, who love to work on sizeable and complex projects.

From Converting Cargo Vessel to Cattle Carrier to Vessel Widening with the addition of Sponsons Tanks to many others complex projects.

The Shipyard also carries out Offshore Fabrication & Installation Works.

PT. Marcopolo shipyard is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified shipyard.

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Ship building

Our Shipyard is strategically located in Batam, Indonesia (45 minutes away from Singapore by ferry). With a highly proficient team committed to stringent quality control, the Shipyard have a strong track record for reliable and versatile new build solutions.

Our track record includes:

  • Tugs and Barges
  • Harbour and terminal tugs
  • 6500 DWT Tankers
  • Platform supply vessels (PSV)
  • Anchor handling tug/supply vessels (AHTS) 60 tons to 150 tons BP
  • Accommodation Barges,
  • Shallow-water Drill Rig, etc

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