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Our Business

Our Ship Chartering Operations

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With over a decade of experience in ship chartering, the Marco Polo Group has built an established shipping track record marked by quality service and timely deliveries.


Our ship chartering operations was awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification in February 2007.


To meet the growing demands of the shipping industry, our fleet of vessels has grown consistently in numbers and size. The Group now owns a fleet of young, modern and sophisticated vessels to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers.


Marco Polo Marine Group has also successfully ventured into the offshore sector, with presence in Asia and Australasia.


On 9th January 2013, Marco Polo Marine's group entity, PT BBR was successfully listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange which will allow the Group to further augment its plan to penetrate the growing Indonesian offshore market.

Tug and Barge Division

Managing a sizeable and well-equipped fleet of tugs and barges, this division offers customized solutions for bulk handling and transportation (coal, steel scrap, iron ores, sand, aggregates and other commodities), chartering and transshipment services.


The average age of our tugs and barges is less than 5 years.


The tug and barge division focuses on the mining, construction (civil & offshore), infrastructure, land reclamation, shipping and commodity trading industries.


Kindly contact our Tug and Barges Division at email: for further information.

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Offshore Division

The offshore division was established in end 2010 with the objective of venturing into the Offshore Oil and Gas sector. The offshore division currently operates a fleet of 17 OSVs, including 2 Maintenance Work Vessel (MWV) co-owned on a joint-venture basis, and is poised to grow futher within the next 3-5 years.


Our offshore vessels have worked in regional waters including Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei and Australia. We are continually expanding our geographical reach within the Asia Pacific region and diversifying across the types of OSVs it owns including having various sizes of AHTSs and penetrating into the MWV sub-sector.


Focusing on establishing a young and modern fleet of offshore vessels customized and engineered for efficiency and cost-effective operations, this division stands ready to meet the high demands of the offshore oil and gas industry.


Kindly contact our Marketing team at email: for further information.

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Our Shipyard Operations

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PT. Marcopolo Shipyard is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marco Polo Marine Group. Spread across a 34-hectare land area, the shipyard is well-equipped to carry out ship building, ship repairs and conversions, as well as oil and gas fabrications.


Managed by an experienced management team and staff with extensive track records in the marine sector, our shipyard has capabilities in building and repairing sophisticated vessels such as AHTS, PSV, diving vessels, construction vessels, etc.


Please visit for more information.

Our Shipyard

Strategically located in Batam, Indonesia (45 minutes away from Singapore by ferry), our shipyard occupies a total land area of more than 34 hectares and a waterfront of approximately 650 m situated at the South of Batam Island, Batu Aji. The shipyard is well sheltered and has a depth of up to 6 m at zero tide.


Equipped with three units of Graving Docks (40 m width x 150 m/175 m length), building berth, sheltered workshops, modern equipment and a strong team of highly motivated and committed work force, our shipyard performs ship building, ship conversion, dry-docking and repair works for commercial and offshore vessels. The shipyard also carries out offshore fabrication & installation works.

Ship Building, Repair and Convesions

Since its inception in 2005, our shipyard has carried our various ship building, repairs and conversions works. Till date, we have delivered at least 100 tugs & barges and AHTS. In the shipyard pipeline in the next few years include more building orders of tugs and barges and several offshore vessels.


Our three drydocks at the shipyard can serve vessels of varying lengths for ship repairs and our dry docks can accommodate up to a maximum of 8 vessels concurrently, thus making our shipyard one of the largest facility in Batam.