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Our Ship Chartering Operations

With over a decade of experience in ship chartering, our Group has built an established shipping track record marked by quality service and timely deliveries. Since March 2006, we have been providing transhipment services to third party customers. We transport coal mined in Indonesia to unrelated third party coal operators for their onward transportation to energy power plants in the South East Asia regions.

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Our ship chartering operations have been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification in February 2007. In meeting strong demand for our ship chartering service, our fleet has consistently been utilised at close to 100%.

Our Shipyard Operations

Our shipyard activities are carried out through our subsidiary, MP Shipyard, in our shipyard located in Batam, Indonesia. Though incorporated only in February 2005, MP Shipyard has successfully equipped itself with ship building capabilities at its premises and commenced ship building operations in December 2005. Apart from building vessels to support the needs of our ship chartering operations, MP Shipyard also receives ship building orders from third-party customers through Bina Marine.

Our Shipyard

Our shipyard is located in Batam, Indonesia with a total land area of approximately 348,705 sq m and a seafront of approximately 650 m. On full completion, our shipyard operations will include the provision of ship repair, maintenance and conversion services as well as two drydocks of 150 x 40 x 8m and at least 110 x 30 x 6m in dimension respectively, a jetty and related facilities. Our current facilities allow us to accommodate up to ten vessels of 150 metres in length for ship building with no facilities for ship repair. However, once completed, our shipyard will be able to accommodate up to eight vessels for ship building and up to five vessels of varying lengths for ship repair at any one time and will be one of the larger shipyards in Batam, Indonesia.

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